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I came to the United States during spring, it was still a bit chilly, a lot of wind and good sun in the afternoons. To be honest, everything seems really organized and big. New York, wow, it's really tall, I mean, for the first few days, you never get tired of looking up to the buildings.


I came to live here for a year to practice english and have a new experience, and I found a multi-cultural country, where not only you can learn english, but also any other language. I was surprised to see people from so many parts of the world together here, each one trying to find their own path or living their dream.

It was a bit difficult to be able to communicate, especially because I came to live with an American family that didn't speak any spanish and at moments they would speak too fast and I would only say "yes" and nod my head. I think it was only minutes until they figured out that I wasn't understanding, because they probably asked to go grab something and I only said yes. Nonetheless it's only a matter of time before I start understanding.

For me, the U.S. is a country that offers a lot, things that you can imagine and things that you can't. Here you can get them all, but you have to respect the rules, be patient, don't get into trouble and take advantage of opportunities. In my case, I will stay here for a bit longer, looking for more things to extract from this country that can bring value to my life. And yes, I accept it "I love New York," but OH it only has one flaw, the COLD lasts way too long. OMG, what a long winter...


OMG, what a long winter

Written by Vanessa

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