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Voices Heard.

Stories that explore what it means to be an immigrant.

“Recognize yourself in he and she  who are not like you and me.”


What began as a grad school project, became a lifelong search for immigrant stories.

Voices Heard began as a class project as part of the Masters in Branding program, as well as a personal exploration into what it means to be an immigrant. I was interested in hearing other people's stories to compare them with mine.


As the stories started coming in, I realized how much bigger this project was. These stories speak to the larger issue of immigration, not only in the U.S., but in the world. Too often on tv, we see politicians forgetting that immigrants are people as well, with fears, hopes and dreams; just like everybody else.


Voices Heard became about creating a channel for these stories (and their voices) to be heard.

Alejandro Largo

Hold on, let me get my receipt, that's important—she says while dressed from head to toe in a furry suit a not-bad replica of the Sesame Street character Elmo.


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